Vedrørende besøk fra andre land enn Norge til innsatte i Halden Fengsel

Det må forevises dokumentasjon på gjennomført opphold på karantenehotell i Norge.Det må fremkomme på dokumentasjon at oppholdets start og slutt har en total varighet på 10 dager.Dette gjelder både vaksinerte og uvaksinerte. Ved ankomst i slusen i Halden Fengsel skal dette uoppfordret fremvises. Om det ikke fremvises så blir man avvist og man får ikke [...]

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Increasing competence and knowledge

To be relevant in today’s labor market, practical work training and/or education is crucial for inmates. We offer a wide variety of options to suit the needs of the inmates and employers. Read this months’ article to get a better understanding of this. Click to view the article

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A programme for all!

Programs in the Norwegian correctional service, has a more narrow definition than for instance in the US. In a Norwegian context we are talking about cognitive change programs, and Halden prison has one of the most comprehensive portfolios in Norway. Read this month’s article to see for yourself. Click to view the article

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The Prison Chaplain

We wish everybody visiting our home page, a Happy New Year. In January you can read an interview with the prison chaplain about his work in the prison. This is a much needed and appreciated service, which is conducted relatively different from what is the case in a congregation in the local community. [...]

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Area Map

One of the previous articles was about the principle of Normality, and last month’s article focused on Architecture. This month you can have an aerial view of the prison, where the different buildings are identified and their purpose explained. In this aerial view, you can see how the total complex/built environment, reflects key points described [...]

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