The Prison Chaplain

We wish everybody visiting our home page, a Happy New Year. In January you can read an interview with the prison chaplain about his work in the prison. This is a much needed and appreciated service, which is conducted relatively different from what is the case in a congregation in the local community. [...]

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Area Map

One of the previous articles was about the principle of Normality, and last month’s article focused on Architecture. This month you can have an aerial view of the prison, where the different buildings are identified and their purpose explained. In this aerial view, you can see how the total complex/built environment, reflects key points described [...]

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The architecture of Halden prison

This month we focus on the built environment. Halden prison is widely recognized for its architecture and how the principle of normality is reflected in the buildings, the outdoor areas, et.c. Halden prison is like “an iron fist in a silk glove” – reducing the feeling of being in a prison while still have all [...]

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Introduction to Halden prison

Halden prison will start publishing monthly articles, that over time will illustrate and explain all aspects of our work. The first article will give you a brief introduction to the prison and our guiding principles – enjoy! Click to view the article

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